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Get your joints and back working properly again and improve your sports performance. MFT training is guaranteed to help you do this. Our high-quality exercise and training tools help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

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Coordination. Health. Better performance.


Body Teamwork® is based on the scientifically tested MFT testing and training concept and helps the user effectively improve their balance and coordination.


Body Teamwork® teaches the fine interior muscles and nerves to work together perfectly, training the body to function like a team. It stimulates and strengthens the stabilising muscles and ligaments.d


Improved performance and better health in next to no time! Already 10-15 minutes of training a day lead to verifiable results and more balance.

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Until 20 years ago strength training was what everyone was talking about. With the first heart rate measurements the era of endurance training began. Coordination training makes for the perfect addition to the two – it is now taking fitness studios as well as rehabilitation & therapy centres by storm and is becoming more and more popular for home training.

We call it “Body Teamwork®”, because its secret lies in the harmonious interaction between the fine stabilising muscles and nerves. Only when your body is working as a perfect team can you improve your coordination, strength, endurance and your health, enabling you to reach your personal training goals more quickly.

Better performance and improved health in next to no time! The new MFT test & training concept with self test and training plans ensure your exercise regime is effective and you can track your progress.

Ewald Aigner

Inventor and developer of MFT Bodyteamwork

MFT Bodyteamwork App


Coordination Test

A coordination test shows your personal performance level, allowing you to discover how to optimise balance requirements.

During a single-leg coordination test, the laterality determines one leg’s capacity and compares it to the other leg’s capacity. A laterality of less than 10% is the basis for a healthy load on the spine and joints.

Training programs

Training and therapy programs in 3 performance levels for dual-leg and single-leg training provide motivation for high-quality, effective training.

The digital coach helps everyone from novice exercisers to athletes monitor their training progress and optimise their training quality. The result is increased performance, healthy joints and a healthy back.


The app offers 6 training games which are also divided into dual-leg and single-leg exercises and provide fun training for young and old alike.

Depending on the game, the axes of rotation front-back, left-right or combined are trained in a targeted manner. The following games are available: Ping-Pong, Cross, Butterfly, Ski Racing, Football, Motor Racing.

Test evaluations

The app’s test results and standard values evaluate your coordination/balance and laterality and point out deficits in the same.

The results and values can be saved in a score list, emailed as a PDF file and/or printed.