MFT Balance Sensor Sit Ball

  • 140 cm flex belt for sit ball
  • MFT Balance Sensor
  • MFT Bodyteamwork App

The sit ball becomes your personal trainer with the MFT Balance Sensor + app!

Next generation e-balance training through sitting with MFT: Connect the Balance Sensor Sit Ball via Bluetooth and use the exercises and games in our “Bodyteamwork” app. Smart back and core muscle and pelvic floor training with immediate success control in real time.

Easy and fast attachment to the Sit Ball, Gym Ball, Powerball, Sit Ball with fabric cover – size (55, 65, 75 cm)

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Strengthen your back and keep your spine healthy.


Easy and fast to use

Training goal “back fit”

The scientifically evaluated training programs increase the quality and positive effect of the training on the Sit Ball, Gym Ball and Power Ball.


Train your back and core muscles


Release tensions


Strengthen your pelvic floor


Correct spine problems

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Areas of use

Home training, personal training, fitness studios, physiotherapy, rehabilitation centre


Training intensity

10-15 minutes a day

Target group

Fitness fans and patients
Suitable for all ages and performance levels

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MFT Balance Sensor Sit Ball

Flex belt for sit ball, MFT Balance Sensor, MFT Bodyteamwork App

Optional – set offer:

Flex belt for Sit Ball, MFT Balance Sensor, MFT Bodyteamwork App, TOGU Powerball

MFT Bodyteamwork App

The app recognises how well movements can be counter-balanced, how balance can be retained and then gives a training recommendation as to which level the training should start at.


Available for Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows mobile devices and notebooks


Balance mode in 3 levels (warm-up and balance control)


Training programs in 3 performance levels


Six training games (ping pong, cross, butterfly, football, skiing, motor racing)


Constant feedback and control over the training progress


Score list with personal results

Free Download

Wireless Bluetooth from 4.0 Low Energy LE / Tablet Apple from IOS 9 / Mac OSX from 10.11 / Android from 6.0 / Windows from 10 / Amazon Fire from OS 6 / Online connection to the app / Software installation option: MFT App on TV – Tablet/Smartphone screen synchronization using Apple TV Box, Google Chrome, Amazon Fire TV etc.