MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature

The digital balance board with training app and games in the new Nature Line variant.

  • With a Bluetooth balance sensor and the MFT Bodyteamwork App for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • For ambitious athletes and physiotherapy.
  • Sustainably produced in the EU from recycled and renewable raw materials.
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Auszeichnung Bewegte Innovation 2020 für MFT

Improves your movement quality and movement security in a sustainable way.

The new MFT Nature Line:
Eco-friendly & sustainable

The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature meets the highest environmental standards – in the usual MFT quality.


Environmentally friendly, recycled and renewable raw materials from the EU


Produced using solar power


Long product life thanks to high quality


Low CO2 emissions thanks to short and regional transport routes


Plastic-free packaging, climate-neutral printing documents (Austrian eco-label)

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature Line mit umweltfreundlicher Verpackung
MFT Nature Line Eco Labels

The features of the MFT Bodyteamwork App


The MFT Bodyteamwork App allows you to perform selective exercises – systematically, efficiently and in a targeted manner.


The app offers innovations in coordination training for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, therapists and trainers.


The first coordination/balance test and training app with Bluetooth 4.0 sensor technology for Win, Mac, Android, iOS and Amazon OS.


Scientifically proven standard values and training programmes


Multiaxial patented platform provides training for all performance levels and ages

Your personal training benefits

Especially beginners and the health conscious people can use the MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature together with the MFT Bodyteamwork App to optimise their musculoskeletal system.

Advanced and performance athletes use the digital coach to monitor their training progress and increased performance.

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Areas of use

Home training, personal training, fitness studio, pro centre, physiotherapy, rehabilitation centre, clinic

Target group

Athletes, fitness and health conscious, children and seniors

Bodyteamwork effect

With MFT Bodyteamwork training, you have to actively move out of balance and bring your body back into balance.

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The MFT Bodyteamwork App – free with every MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature

Using the balance sensor and Bluetooth, the MFT Bodyteamwork App on your mobile device or computer recognises how well movements can be counter-balanced, how balance can be retained and then gives a training recommendation as to which level your training should start at.


Available for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers with Apple iOS, macOS, Android, AmazonOS and Windows


Balance mode in 3 levels (warm-up and balance control)


Training programs in 3 performance levels


6 training games (ping pong, cross, butterfly, football, skiing, motor racing)


Constant feedback and control over the training progress


Score list with personal results

Free download

Wireless Bluetooth from 4.0 Low Energy LE / Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS / Mac with macOS / Android smartphone or tablet / Windows PC / Amazon device with AmazonOS / online connection to install the app/software

Option: MFT App on TV – Tablet/Smartphone screen synchronization using Apple TV Box, Google Chrome, Amazon Fire TV etc.

Training programs for the MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 Nature

Free video trainings, training plans, useful tips and instructions for your workout with the MFT Challenge Disc