MFT Core Disc

Multifunctional exercise aid for the upper body and arms

World first: strength and coordination training for the upper body, arms, shoulders, chest and trunk muscles

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Few strength exercises are so effective or easy to perform as the classic push-up that you can now do with the new MFT Core Disc.

MFT multi-functional training with the MFT Core Disc

The MFT Core Disc® is a multifunctional exercise aid that helps you effectively strengthen arm, shoulder, chest and trunk muscles and improve their coordination.

Effective functional strength training for spine and joint stability, as well as for the arms, shoulders, chest and core muscles
Effective coordination training for the upper body and torso stability
The MFT Core Disc facilitates rocking, tilting and rotational movements and so works on the deep-lying muscles better than ever
High-quality ergonomic multi-foam handles for variable handle widths, from 22 to 75 cm
Optional accessories: MFT Bike Grip Set (4x handles with screw fastening)

Find out why top athletes have been won over by the sensational training possibilities offered by MFT!

Ideally suited as an exercise aid for the home, personal training, fitness studios, coaching centres and in therapeutic settings.
Ideal to take with you to keep up your training on holiday or business trips.

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Fitness training

Fitness training

Whether your aim is body sculpting, achieving a washboard stomach, firming your upper arms, developing your chest muscles or simply for health reasons: the highly effective MFT Core Disc will enable you to reach your goal not just quickly but while having fun along the way.

The rocking, tilting and rotational movements mean you are always working on several muscle groups at once, improving coordination and developing primarily the deep muscles, all while increasing calorie consumption.

The wide handles (up to 750 mm) enable you to effectively exercise the chest muscles, while the narrow handles (220 mm) exercise the triceps.

Training for mountain bikers with the MFT Core Disc

Mountain bike training

The MFT mountain bike training program develops the central position helping you improve your balance and transfer your weight when mountain biking. You will feel the benefit of this when riding your mountain bike, on both uphill and downhill sections and when cornering (hairpins).

Healthy joints, healthy back! The sideways, frontal and rotational rocking/tilting movements help to strengthen your stomach and back muscles and mobilise/stabilise your hand, arm and shoulder joints. At the same time, any tension in muscles or restricted movement is released. The exercises also demand a high level of concentration, so the mind gets a workout as well as the body. These are all preconditions to improve your coordination and your physical balance. In this way you can improve your performance and minimise the risk of injury when doing sports.

Suitable for all fitness goals

  • Ideal for body sculpting
  • Building up muscles
  • Better sports performance
  • Strength training and balance training
  • Trunk strength and rotation training
  • Compensatory training for the upper body and torso stability
  • Spine stability

Expert tip from mountain biking professional for exercises with the MFT Core Disc

When using the MFT Core Disc, take care to maintain solid basic tension in your core muscles. This will help make your position and movements on your mountain bike more effective, more stable and secure and less fatiguing. Enjoy your next single track!

Kurt Exenberger


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Training programs for the MFT Core Disc

Free online video trainings, training plans, exercise instructions and tips for your training with the Core Disc