MFT Fit Disc Nature

The eco-friendly all-round device for balance and mobility.

  • Optimal back training for all ages and performance levels.
  • Prevent injuries, cure spinal problems and joint problems, improve mobility in old age.
  • Sustainably produced in the EU from recycled and renewable raw materials.
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The best for a healthy back, fitness and the environment.

The new MFT Nature Line:
Produced sustainably without compromise

The MFT Fit Disc Nature meets the highest environmental standards – in the usual MFT quality.


Environmentally friendly, recycled and renewable raw materials from the EU


Production using solar power


Long product life thanks to high quality


Low CO2 footprint due to regionality and short transport routes


Packaging without plastic, climate-neutral printing documents (Austrian eco-label)

Die umweltschonende MFT Fit Disc Nature Line
MFT Nature Line Eco Labels

Training goals MFT Fit Disc Nature

The all-rounder among balance boards! Optimal back training for all performance levels and age groups.


Healthy back


Prevent injuries


Cure spinal problems and joint problems


Improve mobility in old age

Back training with the MFT Fit Disc Nature

More strength, more endurance, more energy!

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Areas of use

Home training, personal training, gym, corporate fitness, physiotherapy practice, rehabilitation centre


Training intensity

10-15 minutes of training per day,
up to 120 kg body weight

Target group

Fitness and health conscious, physio patients,
suitable for all ages and ability groups

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Training programs for the MFT Fit Disc Nature

Free video trainings, training plans, useful tips and instructions for your workout with the Fit Disc Nature