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Healthy back

Prevent injury, correct spine and joint problems, improve mobility in older people.

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The perfect back training for all ages and levels.

Training goal “healthy back”

The MFT Fit Disc is the classic balance board! The perfect back training for all ages and levels.

Prevent injury
Correct spine and joint problems
Improve mobility for older people
Ideally suited as a home exercise aid for those who are health conscious and the over 50s, at work for a break from sitting as well as group training in fitness studios and rehabilitation centres.

Back training with the MFT Fit Disc

More strength, better endurance, more energy!

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Home training, personal training, fitness studios, corporate fitness, physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation centres, hospitals


Training intensity

10-15 minutes a day;
up to 120 kg body weight

Target group

Fitness fans and patients
suitable for all ages and levels.

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Training programs for the MFT Fit Disc

Free online video trainings, training plans, exercise instructions and tips for your training with the Fit Disc