MFT Magic Sit

Exercise cushion for a healthy body

Unique active seat cushion to exercise the stomach, leg, bottom and back while sitting.

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Make effective use of time when you are sitting down and enjoy a new sense of wellbeing that will be plain for all to see!

More intensive training effect

The MFT Magic Sit® active seat cushion is a complete exercise system with everything you need to strengthen your stomach, leg, bottom and back muscles and tauten connective tissues without taking any extra time out of your day.

Good for back pain
Release tension
Exercises the pelvic floor
Get fit at work

Get healthy while sitting down

Effective back and pelvic floor training. Use the time when you are sitting to tone your body with amazing effects.

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Get healthy while sitting down with the MFT Magic Sit training cushion

Get healthy while sitting down – health & wellbeing

The basis for good health, wellbeing and a beautiful body can be found in the active core muscles. Only when muscles are in active use can the required strength be developed to improve your upright posture.

Exercising with the Magic Sit stimulates the core muscles which helps you move and hold your posture properly throughout the day.

At the same time you will be firming up the tissues and burning fat.

The MFT Magic Sit exercise cushion works on your muscles

How does the MFT Magic Sit work?

When you are sitting on the Magic Sit the back, stomach, leg and bottom muscles are stimulated. Through “active” sitting you exercise your muscles, release tension and tone your body.

The Magic Sit has a unique dual chamber system with a continuously adjustable valve that you can use to determine the intensity of the exercise. Starting from an easy setting, e.g. to release tension, you increase the training effect by simply turning the valve clockwise, for example if you want to work on your muscles and tone your body. When you close the valve you have a comfortable cushion with massaging effect.

MFT Magic Sit comparison test

Comparison with conventional cushion

Conventional cushions and seating aids often have only a limited effect. Tests show that muscle activity is many times higher with the MFT Magic Sit! Magic Sit is the ultimate in active muscle training and is incredibly simple to use.

A further benefit is the two different, comfortable seating surfaces. The training effect of the active muscle exercises is the same with both surfaces. The flat surface may be more comfortable when sitting for long periods. The profiled surface promotes blood circulation and has an additional massaging effect to help counteract cellulite.

Actively counteracts back pain and muscle tension

The distribution of air in the unique dual chamber system means you quickly come to experience a “slumped” body posture as uncomfortable and automatically assume an upright posture – at the same time this is the ideal basis for counteracting back pain and releasing tension.

Buy the MFT Magic Sit direct from the manufacturer with free delivery

Training programs for the MFT Magic Sit

Free online video trainings, training plans, exercise instructions and tips for your training with the Magic Sit