MFT Trim Disc

Healthy joints

The allround exercise aid for stability in the locomotor system and to improve coordination.

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Balance disc for alignment training to stabilise the locomotor system and improve coordination

Training goal “health”

The MFT Trim Disc is the allround exercise aid for therapy, rehabilitation and sports.


Stability in the locomotor system


Healthy ankle, knee and hip joints


Healthy back, healthy spine


Improve coordination

Balance training with the MFT Trim Disc

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Home training, personal training, fitness studios, physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation centres, hospitals


Training intensity

10-15 minutes a day;
up to 120 kg body weight

Target group

Fitness fans, active people, athletes and patients

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Training plans for the MFT Trim Disc

Download: healthy joints training plan (German)

Everyday coordination – pain-free movement (PDF)

Download: strength training plan (German)

Coordination-focused squat training with the MFT Trim Disc (PDF)

Training videos