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Coordination, healthy back and joints, better sports performance and therapy outcomes

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Coordination training. Healthy joints. Healthy back. Better performance.

MFT product recommendations

MFT Fit Disc

MFT Fit Disc

The classic MFT Disc – healthy back and healthy joints with just 10 minutes training a day.

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 bluetooth balance board and training app

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0

Bluetooth balance board – now with new mobile test & training app!
Innovative product for all performance levels and ages.

MFT Sport Disc

MFT Sport Disc

Effective coordination training for sports and therapy – ideal for the amateur and performance athlete alike!

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What the experts are saying about MFT Bodyteamwork

Patients and athletes can train independently with the MFT products. They are motivated without needing a trainer to be present and give them instructions. That’s a very positive aspect for me. The MFT Bodyteamwork app takes over the coaching role and permits targeted coordination training for the legs, back and torso.

Oliver Schmidtlein

Physical therapist in private practice in Munich/former physical therapist to the German national football team and FC Bayern München (the Bavaria Munich Football Club)