MFT S3-Check

Postural stability test

Measurement disc incl. sensor and MFT S3-Check original software incl. database, follow-up check, training and therapy check, training plan creation

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Scientifically tested measurement device

S3-Check software

MFT original software incl. database, follow-up check, training and therapy check, training plan creation.


Fitness studios, personal training, sports medicine, coaching centres, rehabilitation centres, physical therapy, orthopaedics, physiotherapy practices; stationary and mobile applications.

Target group

Workplace health management, orthopaedic specialists, sports medicine specialists, therapists, personal trainers, rehabilitation centres, fitness studios, sports science institutes, sports trainer.

The test

The S3-Check is a measurement standard to identify deficits in the functional locomotor system. It analyses a person’s stability, symmetry and sensorimotor functions within 30 seconds.

The S3 value

The individual total reading (S3 value) enables a person’s coordination skills to be evaluated against a standard scale. Comparing the results achieved enables progress during training or therapy to be monitored concurrently. A training program can be automatically created on the basis of the test values.


The MFT S3-Check has been developed using methodology from orthopaedic diagnosis as well as preventive medicine and athletic motor activities and performance diagnostics.

The process is patented and has been scientifically tested.

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MFT S3-Check measurement disc incl. sensor


Carry bag


MFT S3-Check original software


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Optional accessory MFT S3-Station:
Stand with turntable and steadying handles

Further information on the MFT S3-Check

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S3-Check – Evaluation and generation of normal values in a test for balance ability and postural stability (PDF)

Download: Publication on the results of using the S3-Checks (German)

“Manuelle Medizin” article: Effects of locomotor system impairments on the results of an S3 postural stability test (PDF)