MFT Sport Disc

Coordination in sports and therapy

The MFT Sport Disc helps athletes and fitness fans develop their strength and endurance, as well as improve their fine motor skills and responses.

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Train with the best!

Training goal “better performance”

MFT Sport Disc helps recreational and performance athletes of all disciplines improve their performance

Increase strength and endurance
Improve fine motor skills
Improve responses
Stabilise joints

Balance training with the MFT Sport Disc

Basic Workout training program:

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Ideal for home training, personal training, fitness studios, coaching centres and therapeutic settings.


Training intensity

10-30 minutes a day, depending on individual training goals.

Target group

Recreational, performance and professional athletes in all disciplines, such as marathon runners, skiers, footballers and golfers.

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Training programs for the MFT Sport Disc

Free online video trainings, training plans, exercise instructions and tips for your training with the Sport Disc